About Us

BANA MARIA®  is an online jewelry boutique seeking to capture and reflect the confidence of modern femininity.

Our carefully-chosen selection of jewelry contains treasured discoveries from around the globe, but the jewel in the BANA MARIA crown is our exclusive statement range.

Influenced by the elements of nature and every woman’s quest for her authentic self, our unique and exclusive statement is carefully collected by our Founder and Creative Director Maryam.

Maryam is a passionate collector of jewelry, and brings her natural artistry in identifying the perfect complementary piece for any outfit or occasion to the soul of BANA MARIA .

“My love of all types of jewelry and precious stones began many years ago as a child, when I would try on my mom’s bangles and long golden necklaces. It was a fascination that would only continue to deepen as time passed,” says Maryam. “With each piece I hand-pick or design, I feel a deep bond and a unique story waiting there. I had no idea that a fondness for jewelry could be inherited until I noticed my daughter’s joy when she wears mine, which she calls ‘Mom's treasures".

It was this realization that prompted Maryam to pursue her passion and create BANA MARIA Jewelry, inspired by the name BANA MARIA,  where BANA derived from the ‘Ban tree’ in Arabic or what is known as 'Moringa Arabica', and a nickname of Maryam’s, Maria, meaning ‘rebellious’. Representing nature, a celebration of authenticity and appreciation of oneself, a timeless brand that grows with generations was born.

BANA MARIA  aspires to empower women in expressing their inner beauty, charm, zeal and distinctiveness, with a deeply personal gift to themselves – and a meaningful heirloom that will be part of their journey for many years to come.